Tri-Axis, 2g, Digital (I²C) Output, 3x3x0.9mm LGA - KXTE9-4100

The KXTE9's advanced orientation-detection feature reports changes in landscape, portrait, face-up, and face-down conditions. This sophisticated embedded algorithm eliminates the need for continuous data collection and complex calculations by a microprocessor. With a few adjustable parameters, the screen-rotation algorithm can be optimized for an intuitive user experience. In addition to orientation detection, the KXTE9 features an activity-monitoring function. This function reports changes in a device's motion state, either moving (active) or not moving (inactive). A highly-manufacturable product with consistent product performance across use conditions, the KXTE9 operates across a supply voltage of 1.8V to 3.6V DC.
These high-performance silicon-micromachined linear accelerometers and inclinometers consist of a sensor element and an ASIC packaged in a 3x3x0.9mm, 10-pin, LGA package. The sensor element is fabricated from single-crystal silicon with proprietary Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) processes and is protected from the environment by a hermetically-sealed silicon cap at the wafer level.
The sensor element functions on the principle of differential capacitance. Acceleration causes displacement of a silicon structure resulting in a change in capacitance. An ASIC, using a standard CMOS manufacturing process, detects and transforms changes in capacitance into an analog output voltage, which is proportional to acceleration. The sense element design utilizes common mode cancellation to decrease errors from process variation and environmental stress. The voltage is digitized by an on-board A/D converter and is accessed via an inter-integrated circuit (I2C).



  • Device Orientation Detection
  • Active/Inactive Algorithms
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption (30µA full operation)


  • Device Orientation Detection
  • Active/Inactive Algorithms
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption (30µA full operation)

Product Specifications

Axis G Range Sensitivity Noise (µg/√Hz) Resolution Package Size Pins Package Type Interface Output Wakeup Operating Temperature (Min.)[°C] Operating Temperature (Max.)[°C] Supply Voltage [V] Current Consumption
3 2g 16, (counts/g) - 8-bit 3x3x0.9mm 10-pin LGA Digital (I²C) No -40 85 2 20-40 μA


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EVAL-KXTE9-4100 Cart KXTE9-4100 Evaluation Board Board Schematic
Board Layout

Developer Tools

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USBDEVKIT Cart This Kit is composed of a Kionix Evaluation Board on which is soldered a customer-specified 3.3V Kionix accelerometer product, a Silicon Labs C8051F340DK that provides the microprocessor control and USB interface, and a Kionix F340 Adapter Board that provides the link between the Kionix Evaluation Board and the microprocessor.