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RoKiX IOT platform


Kionix IoT Evaluation and Development Reference Board Kionix and ROHM are pleased to introduce the RoKiX IoT Platform which is the leading Internet of Things (IoT) technology platform. It enables innovators to rapidly create, deploy and evaluate various IoT applications, ranging from consumer IoT applications such as wearables, health, wellness, games, toys, and smart home to Industrial IoT applications such as smart city sensor networks, asset management and logistics monitoring, factory automation, etc. The RoKiX IoT Platform provides a powerful and easy to use environment to begin the evaluation of ROHM and Kionix products. Multiple hardware options are supported (RoKiX IoT Platform Hardware), as well as common, hardware independent SW tools (RoKiX IoT Platform Software).

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∙Removing complexity from IoT applications development

∙Supports both 3rd party development kits (e.g. Cypress CY8CKIT-059, Aardvark, Arduino Uno, nRF52840-DK) and ROHM development kits (e.g. RoKiX Sensor Node)

∙Hardware evaluation environment with Windows GUI and Python CLI

RoKiX Android App for data logging

∙Software development kit for sensor nodes and gateways

∙Easy connectivity of sensor nodes and gateways to the cloud platform

∙Integrated machine learning for big data analytics


RoKiX Sensor node

∙Based on the Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840 advanced multiprotocol system-on-chip (SoC)

∙External connectivity with USB, BLE 4.1, 4.2, 5.0

∙Two system connectors for extended connectivity of additional sensors and functions

∙ROHM 5+ connector with 14 pin footprint (12 GPIO lines, 1 ADC line)

∙Can be powered by a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery, replaceable coin cell batteries, or via Micro USB

∙Low power consumption and long battery life


RoKiX Firmware

The RoKiX Sensor Node contains a pre-installed bootloader and RoKiX Firmware. Both can be updated with an iPhone or Android using the “DFU” functionality of the “nRF Toolbox”, which is available in the application store (e.g. in Google Play). Currently, ROHM offers firmware for the following microcontroller based platforms supporting communication with RoKiX IoT Platform Software:

∙RoKiX Sensor Node

Cypress CY8CKIT-059

∙Kionix IoT Sensor Node

∙Arduino Uno R3

∙Nordic Semiconductor nRF52840-DK


RoKiX Windows GUI

Kionix IoT Evaluation and Development Reference Board RoKiX Windows GUI comes up with an intuitive graphical user interface demonstrating high level device offerings and features:

∙Visual display of real-time device data

∙Ability to record device data to a file

∙Data acquisition rate up to 25.6 kHz

∙Device registry editor

∙Demonstration of RoKiX Software offerings (Sensor Fusion algorithm, Air mouse)


Python Command Line Interface

RoKiX Python CLI provides an advanced interface for demonstrating low level device features:

∙Independent of Operating System

∙Reference implementation for creating device driver software

∙Flexible tool for recording device data

∙Reference implementation for usage of device ASIC level features

∙Framework for quick modification and testing of device functionality


RoKiX Android App

Kionix IoT Evaluation and Development Reference BoardRoKiX Android App is a tool for collecting device data over the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection. Currently this application is available for Android devices in the Play store or GitHub.

Evaluation Boards

Development KitTo facilitate prototype work with Kionix accelerometers, Kionix has created evaluation boards for each accelerometer product. The evaluation boards provide access to the pins of the accelerometer, contain all of the appropriate decoupling capacitors and pull-up resistors, and allow for easy connection into a prototyping system.

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