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FlexSet™ Performance Optimization

Kionix FlexSet™ Performance Optimization Tool

Kionix FlexSet™ FlexSet™ is both a design tool and an informational/educational tool. Representative of the actual register selections that engineers will have when customizing the accelerometer parameters, this tool allows system designers to determine the results they want in their system through precise design parameter choices. Instead of a limited number of preset values, designers have a wide range of switch selections and pull-down menus that provide a variety of operational configurations including ODR, sample averaging, operating modes, sample buffering, bandwidth, and more.

Designers can easily adjust power and noise parameters to create completely customized solutions for their unique application needs. With FlexSet™, values can be almost infinitely adjusted to achieve unmatched system performance and low power.

The new technology is built into Kionix's latest accelerometers, including the KX022 (2x2mm) and KX023 (3x3mm), and will become a cornerstone of Kionix's low power, high performance products in the future.

FlexSet™ is comprehensive and easy to use

Kionix FlexSet™ Adjust the parameters in the drop-down fields, below left, to achieve your desired performance and power consumption outputs. Use the graph to the right of the control panel to compare cases. To view exact output values, hover over the graph at the intersection of any input value and the output line. Graphs default to zoom mode. For full scale, click on the button below the graph.

Power: Providing greater processing power to the interface circuit allows a greater number of samples to be taken in a given timeframe, and increased averaging improves accuracy. However, more complicated filtering and other steps taken to improve the accuracy of the readings and avoid noise-related inaccuracies also increases the sensor current draw. Application modes that can tolerate lower accuracy allow lower power consumption.

Noise: Noise impacts the system's ability to properly discern and react to user and environmental inputs without false triggering. Reduced noise requires a greater sampling rate (oversampling), greater sample time, higher Output Data Rate (ODR) and other parametric changes that cause increased power consumption.

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FlexSet™ is included in Kionix's KX022 (2x2x0.9mm) and KX023 (3x3x0.9mm) low power,
full-featured accelerometers.

Kionix FlexSet™ The KX022 and KX023 accelerometers feature:

  • Current consumption as low as 2μA
  • Embedded wake-up function
  • Integrated FIFO/FILO buffer
  • Internal voltage regulator
  • Enhanced integrated Directional Tap/Double-Tap, and device-orientation algorithms
  • Digital I2C up to 3.4MHz
  • High shock survivability

Kionix FlexSet™

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