Iot Evaluation and Development Kit (Aitsin)

Iot Evaluation and Development Kit

Integrates multiple sensors with Bluetooth® SoC

Kionix's IoT evaluation kit utilizes the new Aistin Blue hardware platform based on Nordic Semiconductor's Bluetooth LE SoC. The compact (27/32mm x 4.2mm), highly integrated modular sensor system integrates Kionix's accelerometer (KX122-1037), combo accel-mag (KMX62), and combo accel-gyro (KXG03 ) sensors along with ROHM's barometric pressure sensor (BM1383AGLV). This enables measurement of 3D acceleration, 3D magnetism, 3D rotation, air pressure, and temperature, making it ideal for training, prototyping, and initial set development of IoT and wearable applications.

In addition, Aistin Blue supports over-the-air firmware upload via Bluetooth LE. The boards work out-of-the-box with Android applications, and application programming is easy with Nordic's development tools.

Kionix Evaluation Kit SW includes both Kionix Windows Sensor Evaluation Software and Kionix Multi-OS Evaluation Software. The Kionix Windows Sensor Evaluation Software is GUI driven and allows easy sensor configuration and data acquisition while the Kionix Multi-OS Evaluation Software is command-line driven for more flexible and sophisticated evaluation and algorithm development.

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Kionix IoT Evaluation and Development Reference Board
Aistin logo
Sensors on board BTL-3K3 BTL-3H3
Accelerometer KX122-1037, (KMX62-1031 & KXG03-1034)
Gyroscope KXG03-1034
Magnetometer KMX62-1031
Barometer ROHM BM1383AGLV


  • » Support Multiple MEMS sensors for 3Dacceleration, 3D-magnetism, 3D-rotation and Air pressure
  • » Small dimensions: Ø 27 / 32 mm × 4,2 mm (0,6 mm PCB),
  • » Integrated Bluetooth® with Antenna (Bluetooth® low energy)
  • » Kionix Windows Sensor Evaluation Software for ease of use demonstration and exploration of sensors' performance and capabilities
  • » Kionix Multi-OS Evaluation Software for custom development and programming
  • » Capability to feed raw sensor output to user developed or 3rd party software


  • » Wearable and IoT prototyping
  • » Sensors evaluation with Bluetooth® Wireless
  • » Python/C/C++/C# and other programming education