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Kionix’s KXTJ3 and KX126 Now Available on mikroBUS™ Click boards™

Ithaca New York, US – Jan 29, 2019 - Kionix is pleased to announce the availability of its KXTJ3 and KX126 accelerometers on the mikroBUS click board platform.

The Accel 7 click is a tri-axis acceleration sensing Click board powered by the KXTJ3-1057 14-bit tri-axis digital accelerometer from Kionix. This sensor was developed using proprietary Kionix micromachining technology, resulting in high accuracy and excellent noise immunity. Accel 7 click supports a wide range of applications that require low power consumption, fast response, precision, and reliability. As such it can be used for motion detection, display orientation, HID applications, drop detection applications (for warranty logging), and similar applications that rely on acceleration and motion-sensing.

The Pedometer 3 click is a tri-axis acceleration sensing Click board utilizing the KX126-1063. An advanced three-axis acceleration sensor, the KX126-1063 includes an embedded pedometer algorithm. The MEMS sensor itself is based on the principle of measuring the differential capacitance via a proprietary ASIC that decreases errors due to manufacturing imperfections, temperature, and other environmental influences. Pedometer 3 click is the perfect choice for the development of applications which benefit from integrated motion processing digital engines. The KX126-1063 includes engines that enable pedometer functionality with programmable sensing thresholds and step detection, Directional Tap/Double-Tap detection, advanced orientation detection, and free fall detection. It also includes motion monitoring functionality, including wake-up on motion and back-to-sleep functionality with programmable thresholds.

Both are available from MikroElektronika, DigiKey, and Mouser, and are offered in a package that includes the mikroSDK software and a library with all available functions. These Click boards come as fully tested and approved prototypes, making them reliable devices ready to use on development boards.