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6-Axis Combo Parts And 9-Axis Solutions

Kionix's new 6-axis combination devices are the latest additions to our product line and provide our customers with unparalleled performance. With our latest Sensor Fusion software innovations, 6-axis combination products provide important benefits to product designers looking to conserve circuit-board real estate, reduce power and reduce the overall part count to simplify their designs.

Accelerometer/Gyroscope Solutions

Our new 6-axis accelerometer/gyroscope devices KXG03 / KXG07 / KXG08 are compelling products that directly address the needs of customers for high-performance parts with a small footprint, low current and the intelligence to help manage the overall power requirements of their designs. Available with I2C and SPI outputs, in either 3x3x0.9mm or 2.5x3x0.9mm package, these parts include FlexPower and FlexBuffer capabilities that offer a high degree of configurability and programmability to allow optimized power savings and a high degree of autonomous operation. Also included is an auxiliary I2C bus to allow other sensor data to be collected to form the basis for a 9-axis IMU solution.

Accelerometer/Magnetometer Solutions

Kionix's Accel/Mag KMX62 leads the market in performance, offering the lowest noise, a full range of +/-1200 uT without windowing, low latency, and high sampling data rates. Additionally, KMX62 offers lower communication voltages (down to 1.2V), 16g accelerometer range, 16-bit resolution, and includes magnetometer self test and interrupts as well as freefall detection engine. Thus, KMX62 is ideal for applications involved with magnetic field changes, eCompass applications, and more.

9-Axis Solutions

The combination of KMX62 and KXG07 / KXG08 enables 9-axis data streams by combing our high performance Accelerometer/Magnetometer and Accelerometer/Gyroscope combo parts with efficient software libraries. These libraries, run on an external processor, provide accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscopic outputs. This enables a low cost, low power solution for architectures utilizing 9-axis data such as Windows and Android. Additional functionality includes magnetic calibration and anomaly rejection, eCompass outputs and full 9-axis sensor outputs.


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* Next is KXG08 – Extraordinary Gyro coming soon!