Kionix's innovative and award winning MEMS Accelerometers and Inclinometers offer Industry-Leading Stability and Performance. View our Accelerometer Product Catalog.


Kionix gyroscopes - designed to strike a balance between current consumption and noise performance with excellent bias stability over temperature. 

6-Axis Combo Parts

Kionix's new line of 6-axis combo parts, featuring our 6-axis accelerometer / magnetometer 6-axis accelerometer / gyroscope devices offer unparalled performance. 

Introducing Kionix FlexSet™

Kionix FlexSet Power and Noise Optimization

Kionix FlexSet™ is the industry’s only user-controlled power and noise optimization tool. Designers can easily adjust power and noise parameters to create completely customized solutions for their unique application needs. 

The new technology is built into Kionix’s latest accelerometers, including the KX022 (2x2mm) and KX023 (3x3mm), and will become a cornerstone of Kionix’s low power, high performance products in the future. Experience FlexSet™ now.