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EEWeb Sensor Technology September 2015

Sensor Technology September 2015

Nader Sadrzadeh, CEO of Kionix, was featured on the cover of EEWeb's September issue of Sensor Technology. His Q&A industry interview "Complex, Flexible Sensor Fusion Solutions from Kionix" provides insight into the shifting and emerging trends in the sensor market along with Kionix's increased focus on automotive and industrial applications and the creation of a new Sensors Business Strategy division that will combine the technologies and resources of group companies Kionix, ROHM, and LAPIS Semiconductor. Specific products are also highlighted, including Kionix's new FlexSet hardware platform that enables increased optimization across a variety of applications, industry-thin tri-axis accelerometers, accel-mag-emulated gyro sensors that can provide low-power 9-axis operation utilizing sensor fusion software, and a new class of 6-axis gyro-accel combo parts capable of delivering full performance at half the power of other leading gyroscopes.