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6-Axis Combo Parts

Kionix's new 6-axis combination devices are the latest additions to our product line and provide our customers with unparalleled performance.

Accelerometer/Magnetometer Solutions

Kionix's KMX64 and KMX65 are the latest 6 Degrees-of-Freedom inertial sensor systems consisted of a tri-axial magnetometer, tri-axial accelerometer, and a temperature sensor coupled with an ASIC. The ASIC features flexible user-programmable ±2g / ±4g / ±8g / ±16g full scale range of KMX64 accelerometer and ±8g / ±16g / ±32g / ±64g full scale range of the KMX65 accelerometer and ±800µT / ±1200µT full scale ranges for the magnetometer in both parts. A highly configurable 512-byte FIFO buffer can be used to store output data from any of the sensors, with an option to limit the data to specific axes. The output buffer continuous to log data even when the output data is accessed and transmitted to the application processor via supported I2C and SPI digital protocols. The KMX64 and KMX65 also come with an integrated wake-up and back-to-sleep digital engines with ultra-high resolution as well an embedded Free fall detection algorithm. The complete system comes in a 3 x 3 x 0.9 mm Land Grid Array (LGA) package operating from a 1.7V – 3.6V (VDD) / 1.7V - 3.6V (IO_VDD) DC supplies. Thus, KMX64 and KMX65 are ideal for applications involved with magnetic field changes, Machine Health Monitoring, eCompass applications, and more.


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